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I run

I chase

For that fleeting glimpse

That evasive face


I struggle

I try

To attain that state

Fulfill my fate


I pine

I long

To grasp and to get hold

To finish the story untold


I covet

I ache

Looking for a deeper meaning

A lasting support for leaning


I surrender

I give up

Beyond the horizon I focus

Oblivious to this frenzied circus


If it has to

It eventually will

Accomplish that feat

Find me, make me complete



  1. Completion will come with forgetting the I and thinking more of the We, and perhaps the We has also forgot the I and thought only of the We.

    Then you both will be complete.

    • Nicely put. If only it were that easy to translate thoughts into reality.

      • Ah yes, the reality, I don’t think they can be translated into reality but they can alter the realities. I think they can, have you ever stared at someone and have them turn around and look straight at you – thoughts can change reality, but it’s damned hard at times.

  2. It’s easier to romanticise and live in the delusion of control isn’t it? If thoughts could alter reality, wouldn’t the world be a better (or perhaps much worse) place?

    • It depends on who is doing the thinking and there are some nasty people in this world who could think some nasty thoughts. But then there a lot of nice people too.

  3. I am not a fan of ryme, but I enjoyed this.

  4. Thank you, I am glad you like it.

  5. nice poem kiran. thanks for stopping by my blog.

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