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Because there is
A beauty in tragedy
A poignant tune
For the unsung melody

The sorrow becomes worthwhile
I wade through that extra mile

Because there is
Suppressed pain
Belied by the smile
Damming the rain

I fake it for their benefit
Feigning the ways that they see fit

Because there are
Wishful dreams
In spite of
The splitting seams

I tenaciously hold the tenuous thread
Interlacing fancies to the reality I dread

Because there is
That haunting mirage
Letting my spirit
Loose at large

I survive the despair that comes along
Tranquilizing the affliction, overlooking the wrong.



  1. Exquisite words.

  2. Beautiful beautiful words….thank you for posting!

  3. breathtaking kiran. been writing for long have u? sure seems that way. ur work is inspiring.

    • Not long, a year or so. I am glad you find inspiration in this, it is what compels anyone to write don’t you think?

  4. This is inspiring and beautiful!

  5. beautiful words kiran… Just awesome 🙂 I’m so going to follow your posts!

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