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I want to

Shed the inhibitions

Let go of precautions

Live as free

As I can possibly be


I wish to

Discard the husk

I wear from dawn to dusk

Breathe easy

Just be me


I yearn to

Find an escape

Throw away this cape

Good riddance from the fear

To have someone near


I long to

Relate and empathize

Not discount as lies

To give people a chance

Surrender this stance


I crave to

Trust and believe

Not walk out, leave

Be human

Broken, undone


Wondering if it is

Worth it all

The pain of the fall

Even when you know

What seeds they sow


It ought to be

Better than being

Inured, unfeeling

A surge of emotions

May cure these machinations




  1. nice one…

  2. Love this – the spirit longing to escape mortal limitations, and searching heart yearning for the courage to truly live. Inspirational!

  3. a very nice poem i enjoyed this.

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