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Wished I had stopped you

Should’ve begged you to stay

My pride held me back

Though I had so much to say


If only I had

Swallowed my ego

Let the words rush

Held on, not let go


What if I had pleaded

Gone down on my knees

Would you have looked back then?

Moved by my pleas?


If I’d allow you to

Walk all over me

Would the hurt deep within

You then clearly see?


Would it then be worth it

To cling on to you

Or an invitation

To let you what you please do?


My pride will keep me

The company that I need

Walk away if you may

While I silently bleed







  1. It’s always a paradox, though, when to stand up and when to give in. I think it always comes down to doing what one knows is really right.

    Enjoyed the poem!

  2. What a great last stanza.

  3. Not bad, as a fellow rhymer i truly did enjoy this piece. please stop by again sometime. take care.


  4. The end stanza makes it complete…

  5. woah. the last stanza. sucker punch. brilliant.

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