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If I were a bird

I would fly away

Carefree, unheard

Finding a new way


If I were the breeze

I would flow,  independent

As I please, with ease

Solace to a traveller lent


If  I were the sky

Expansive and infinite

Raindrops falling as I cry

To express my plight


I wish I was anything

But a mediocre mortal

Hurting with each sting

Trapped with no escape portal


Dealing with fallacies

All too human

Crushed idealistic fancies

A scenario so common


Seeking a metamorphosis

Evolved to cope

With a world like this

Devoid of hope




  1. Love how this develops in the last two stanzas — nicely set up by the first four.

  2. If I – I find that statement and the stanzas quite profound. If only I could I would love to do that too – such a stunning and wonderful poem.

  3. Such a lovely poem, honest and true.

  4. Your writing is really good.
    “solace to a traveler lent” : emotion as well as imagery

  5. Thanks a lot for stopping by and appreciating it.

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