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There was a time

When I loved

Unconditionally and without reserve

Now I see

People’s affection

Belying ulterior purposes to serve


There was a day

When I opened my eyes

With the promise of a new surprise

Now when I rouse

I dread the sunlight

That illuminates all the lies


There were moments

When thoroughly I lived

Without refraining or resisting

Now are the days

When more often than not

I am merely existing


I walked out in the rains

Letting it deluge

My wet hair to my forehead glued

Now I sit melancholy

Beside the window

With the grey clouds reflecting my mood


There were tunes of mirth

Dancing on my lips

Raptures of spontaneous glee

Now there’s the hollow silence

Looming menacingly, thwarting me

From breaking free


Young and carefree

Buoyant with elation

A perpetual lingering smile

Changed to  brows knit in worry

Throttled with woes

Wading through every mile


Changes I embraced

As a part of evolution?

Or did I just lose myself

In layers of conditioned delusion?



  1. Amazing writes….Everything i have read just cuts straight to my soul

  2. Wonderful, this might be right what my friend along with I had to realize

    In conclusion , let me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I’m persuaded you have figured this at this time ,), English is not my number one tongue hence I am utilizing Google Translate to build out what to enter what I truly want to voice.

  3. Hi, Awesome poems,From where exactly you get inspiration to write such amazing poems? Please let me know………….

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