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Bowed your head

Bent your knees

Eyes downcast with humility

Compromising your ability


Eager to please

Willing to mould

As plastic as clay

Conforming everyday


A slave to their will

Conditioned to serve

Killing your mind

Lest you be left behind


Singing their praises

Celebrating their ways

Consistently making do

So that you’d fit in too


A facade

Donned for their benefit

Became your identity

An ineluctable reality


Subconsciously imbibing

Their deplorable ways

A new you stemmed

You became just one of them


Whiffs from the past

Merging with your mask

Tenuous glimpses I see

Of someone you used to be


The fire has been smothered

Leaving behind the ashes

Those transient traces of you

Are the sole remnants worth clinging on to.



  1. “Those transient traces of you…” I really like that line.

  2. Thank you. I usually try to translate my perceptions to poetry. Hopefully, the message is conveyed.

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