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I put forth my hand
Seek out the warmth
Let the warm sand
Slip right from my fingers

I lay down, staring at the sun
Defiantly,now in this moment
From them or I
I do not wish to run

It’s sinking lower now
In my head I conjure
Maybe that’s his graceful bow
Bidding me a poignant farewell
The empty world now beckons me
Back to the mundane routine
Now I shall be

Yet there’s the glimmering promise of the jewels on the sea
Of another warmer day that tomorrow could be
Even if it’s now fading beyond the horizon
Tomorrow I’ll once again
Bask in the warmth of the sun.



  1. I really like this poem. I hope more will be coming.

    • I hope so too. Your work is good, really good.
      Though I admit I like your “about me” page better.

  2. great imagery and emotion

  3. I would like to note that the poetry on a soul’s walk is all unedited first drafts. The about page is not. I’m just sayn’.

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