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It’s more than just plain strange
How overnight, people simply change
Always trying to somehow fit in
Losing track of how often they sin
What is it that makes most so superficial?
Is it another one of the human mind’s inexplicable ritual?
Somehow perpetually struggling, vying for attention
Losing their purpose, their sense of direction
So hell bent on nurturing the herd instinct
Being a part of the crowd, nothing distinct
Is everyone losing their sense of individuality?
Is it just something about this particular city?
Why has everyone become oblivious to the depth of human emotions?
Perhaps it’s just me harboring all these baseless notions
Life here is such a haze
Killing the trace of any blaze
One day just blurring into another
Doesn’t this life make them smother?
Is there no one to make them see?
This isn’t how things ought to be!
Someone pray clear these delusions
Show them life isn’t a race, but a fulfilling fusion
Fusion of joy, that of sorrow
With promises of a brighter tomorrow
It isn’t about blending in without questions or doubt
It’s about believing and standing out
Leaving a mark however faint
Something that time can never taint!



  1. Marvelous! I’m impressed, really! You voiced some of the intriguing thoughts which rush past my mind so very often. It seems as if the basic purpose of life is being blinded away in some dark corner. It’s difficult to distinguish between man and machine, at times.
    Nevertheless, we need to hold on to our faith in the innate goodness of man. Maybe, somewhere, somehow, a beautiful world lies hidden. We need to unfurl it! 🙂
    Anyways, lovely poem!

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