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Ever reflected on the theory the ingenious Darwin propounded? “Survival of the fittest” it says. The question is how do you define “fit”?
I look around, wonder to myself who really is fit for this world?
I remember my dad telling me how everyone around is becoming shallow, superficial, colder in a way.
Isn’t that evolution?
Aren’t they learning? To grow, to fit in, to survive?
To mould themselves as per the norms of the society, wearing a mask, losing themselves behind it..

Evolution is-
A haze which persistently grows thicker, a fog which slowly obscures your vision – making it difficult to discern the true picture, and one which instead of fighting off vehemently, you cling to, tenaciously in fact, because it provides you with one thing which nothing else can, indifference. A weapon more lethal than abhorrence, it doesn’t even let you feel the subsequent numbness after pain, just a void, a blank empty void,pitch black, like a dark bottomless abyss…
Who says it’s a sin to live in a bubble? Who can stop me?
However tense the bubble, I find something there, something the world lacks, contentment.
No I am not as evolved as the others, maybe I lack what is a pre-requisite in the apparent real world (a paradox in itself), but this is my real world, this is where I want to stay!


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