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As a child I was always strangely fascinated and mildly intrigued by the example given for random motion: dust particles. Ever since, the fascination doesn’t seem to wear off. I still enjoy watching the dust particles when sitting in a quiet room with a beam of sunlight piercing the otherwise serene semi-darkness. If I gaze for long enough, I can actually see them make visible patterns, unaware and oblivious to that effect. Their random swirling leaves behind a long trail of gray similar to the white streak left behind in the sky because of a jet zooming past…
Most people seem so much like that. Specks of dust in the wind, swayed with the slightest of breeze, floating, suspended in mid-air, uncertain of their direction, more so of the force which is guiding them, or if there is any for that matter! All belonging to that space, blending in beautifully and effortlessly. Yet craving to be different, overlooking the fact that however tirelessly they try to move opposite the current, they still remain a part of that cluster as a whole…


One Comment

  1. more so of the force which is guiding them, or if there is any for that matter!
    Love this part..
    its sad, yet so true.. for everybody..

    LOL, usually the when the sun is rising and is not yet high enough in the sky..
    you can actually see the rays of sunlight piercing through the trees and its branches..
    thats where i notice the random dust particles lingering around chaotically, almost everyday!
    thats the reason i love the analogy as well..

    I would say this ones just another perfect poem of yours 🙂

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