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On my death bed I lie
Relive my life as I know it
Get transported down memory lane
Feeling a dull ache, a throbbing pain
Giving in to memories, I let out a sufferable sigh.

There’s no one beside me here
Alone I stand facing the end
Not a soul with a shoulder to lend
But then again it should’ve been clear
I’m bearing the fruits of my deeds.

This was what it was bound to come to
This ought to be the way it all ends
What else did I even dare expect?
All alone, yet I stand erect
The last right thing I’d probably do.

Cold, distant and aloof always
Solely for myself I have lived
Never for once mending my ways
Adhering to my notions and beliefs
Remorselessly, never have I grieved.

No reason to believe do I have
That there’ll be someone standing by now
Someone who’ll ever understand
In front of whom I never shall bow
Who’ll merely acknowledge and understand.

Despite this loneliness
I feel somehow satiated
Can’t bring myself to regret the life I’ve lived
With my own will, voluntarily I created
It brings to me bitter happiness.

Born alone, alone should I depart
With the solace that my conscience has to offer
After all I lived life as per my terms,
And humbly accepted that I would suffer
Didn’t merely play a part!

That ought to be some consolation
Yet somewhere self-doubt lingers
Maybe I could’ve done better
Not just let life slip through my fingers
And found at least one meaningful relation.



  1. Wow… a powerful poem that stirs the heart to pity and reflect.

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